Sowing seeds

When I saw you there
Outside the store
With you gaze fixed down
My heart was sore

I wanted to reach out my hand
And lift you off the ground
I wanted to break the chains
That kept you bound

I wanted to talk with you
And ask your name
But I was nervous and scared
All the same

I wanted to tell you
Everything will be ok
But will It, really?
I truly didn’t know what to say

While everyone ignored you
I thought, “how rude!”
All I could think of was
To buy you some food

So I went inside
And shopped around
And when I came out
My heart began to pound

As I gave the food to you
I had 1000 things to say
I didn’t know which to pick
So instead, I began to pray

And all I said
Was “bless you bro”
Was that enough?
Maybe I’ll never know

But I took a seed
and i began to sow
And pray others will water it
So that it can grow.

Maybe you’ll never know
But today, you stole a bit of my heart
I pray that your life turns around
And that this is just the start

I pray that God’s perfect love
Falls all over you
I pray that your heart will open up
Like a door for Jesus to walk thru

So stay warm my friend
And believe in humanity once again
Because hopefully you can tell
We’re not all the same


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